Massage Therapy Treatments

Panache Salon and Spa offers a variety of massage therapy treatments in Erie, PA that focus on different parts of the body or healing treatments. Whether you need a deep tissue massage to relieve muscle tension, a couples massage as a unique date, or a specialty prenatal massage to alleviate discomfort, our massage therapists are highly experienced in providing massage therapy treatments for anyone to alleviate neck and shoulder pains, headaches, lower back pain, and much more.

Professional Massage Treatments in Erie, PA - Panache Salon & Spa

Massage Therapy

On-the-Spot Massage
A quick way to relieve and work out your tired muscles.
Relaxation Massage
Relax and unwind - this European technique uses long, fluid strokes to calm the mind and body.
Aromatherapy Massage
An alternative therapeutic technique which combines the natural properties of essential oils and the healing power of massage.
Deep Tissue Massage
Deep intensive holds and releases stimulate blood flow to restricted areas and relieve knotted muscles that are unable to fully release on their own. Ideal for severe or chronic muscle tightness.
Hot Stone Massage
Our signature massage, this is a therapeutic treatment utilizing the application of hot basalt river stones to key points on the body to create improved circulatory flow.
Prenatal Massage
Tailored specifically to relieve the physical discomfort and fatigue related to the changing bodies of pregnant women. Special bolster used to alleviate all pressure points and allow for your back to be massaged.
Sports Massage
A more vigorous stroke is used to reduce muscle tension, relieve swelling, enhance circulation, and promote increased flexibility.
Seaweed Body Rub
Very unique and only at Panache, this service uses liquified, clear seaweed to moisturize and relax your body and mind.
Couples Massage
Experience any of our relaxing full-body massages in our exclusive couple's massage room.


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