Swe-Thai Massage Treatment

Professional masseuse performing a Swe-Thai massage at a spa

Swe-Thai massages combine the massage techniques found in traditional Thai massages and Swedish massage therapies. By blending these two massage techniques, there’s a great emphasis placed on deep relaxation and stretching during Swe-Thai massage sessions. This massage blend is perfect for anyone looking to alleviate back or neck pain. Performed by our bodywork expert, Kae, the Swe-Thai massage comes in installments of 60 minutes for $77 or 90 minutes for $109. Dive into deep relaxation and schedule your Swe-Thai massage today.

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What’s the difference between Thai and Swedish massages?

Thai Massages

Massage techniques have been practiced in Thailand for thousands of years. Thai massages are considered a type of alternative medicine, as the practice is grounded in the energy of the body. Many traditional Thai masseuses believe that massages can help release tension in the body by unblocking the body’s energy pathways, a belief that has spiritual connections to Thai religions. In Thai massages, the body is rhythmically rocked and pushed, and positioned into many yoga positions. Because of the combination of yoga and massage techniques, Thai massages have been commonly referred to as assisted yoga. This massage can relieve back pain, joint discomfort, and increase flexibility.

Swedish Massages

Swedish massages are very common massages and widely practiced in the United States. Swedish massages are intended to focus heavily on relaxation through applying pressure to the muscles in long, repetitive movements. This massage technique can increase blood flow throughout the body. A masseuse will focus primarily on the back, neck, legs, arms, hands, and feet, kneading the areas in a circular motion. Swedish massages should not be confused with deep tissue massages, which apply far more pressure.

Benefits of a Swe-Thai Massage

Woman relaxing during a Swe-Thai massage in Erie, PA

By blending two distinct massage techniques, Swe-Thai massages unlock new levels of relaxation and stress relief. The traditional practice of Thai massage meets the modern and widely practiced Swedish massage to create a unique East-meets-West massage. The benefits of this massage include:

  • Alleviating pain in the back and neck
  • Increased blood flow throughout the body
  • Reduced joint pain
  • Reduced stress and anxiety levels
  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Increased flexibility and range of motion
  • Reduced nerve pain and sensitivity
  • Improved drainage in the lymph nodes

Book an appointment with Panache Salon & Spa to experience this unique combination of traditional and modern massage techniques. With our friendly, experienced in-house bodywork expert, you’re guaranteed to feel comfortable and relaxed for your entire visit.

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